Filipp Sapienza


Web Projects and Other

Eugene Buechel Lakota Museum Online review of Measuring The User Experience

About Me

I am an Information Designer based in Colorado.

Code and Techniques

How to Create a Tagcloud in AJAX (2013)

How to Create a Faded Boundary in Photoshop (2012)

Courseware using XML (also in Español| Русский) (2008)

Does Being Technical Matter? XML, Single Source, and Technical Communication (2002)


Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments (2011)

Card Sorts by and for American and International Web Users (2010)

Usability Testing with Immigrant Web Users (2008)

Web use among Latinos (also in Español) (2008)

A Shared Meanings Approach to Intercultural Usability (2008)

Web usability for Chinese and Chinese-American sites (also in 中文) (2008)

Comparing Russian and Russian-American users (also in Русский) (2008)

Geert Hofstede, Edward Hall and Web Usability (also in Español | Русский | 中文) (2008)

Usability, XML, and Single-Sourcing (2004)